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The Best Water Bottles for Survival: A Guide by Survival Lilly

The Best Water Bottles for Survival

Hey there! Today, Survival Lilly is going to share her wisdom on the best water bottles for survival. In her video, she will discuss the pros and cons of various options, including water bladders, stainless steel bottles, and canteen sets.

In this guide, Survival Lilly presents the best water bottles for survival. The featured bottles are:

  1. Nalgene Stainless 32 Oz Wide Mouth:
  2. Titanium Bottle EDC:
  3. Titanium Canteen:
  4. Stainless Canteen:
  5. Aquamira
  6. Stainless Bottle EDC:
  7. Nalgene Plastic Canteen:

Additionally, Survival Lilly recommends some other useful items for survival:

  • Off-Grid Solar Panel:
  • Faraday Bag:
  • Power Station:
  • Mandarin Duck Bows:

You’ll learn that water bladders are not recommended due to their plastic taste and difficulty in cleaning. On the other hand, stainless steel bottles are durable but can be easily tipped over and are relatively heavy. Lilly will also recommend the Nelson stainless steel bottle for its thickness and durability, despite it being heavy and unstable in the fire. She’ll highlight the benefits of canteen sets, like the GI military style canteen set, which offer stability and the ability to boil water in the cup. Overall, Lilly will provide valuable insights on different water bottle options, their pros and cons, and their suitability for survival situations.

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Water Bladders


Water bladders, also known as hydration bladders, offer several advantages for staying hydrated on the go. One of the main pros of water bladders is their large capacity. These bladders can typically hold anywhere from one to three liters of water, allowing you to carry a significant amount of water without the need for multiple bottles or canteens. This is especially beneficial for long hikes or camping trips where access to water sources may be limited.

Another advantage of water bladders is their convenience. They are designed to fit inside a backpack or hydration pack, with a hose that allows you to drink water without having to stop or take off your pack. This hands-free drinking experience is particularly useful during activities such as biking, running, or hiking, where stopping to drink from a traditional bottle may be challenging or inconvenient.

In addition, water bladders are often equipped with a bite valve, which allows for easy and controlled water flow. This feature not only prevents water from leaking or spilling, but it also helps to regulate how much water you consume at a time, ensuring that you stay properly hydrated throughout your outdoor adventures.


While water bladders offer many benefits, they also have some drawbacks that you should consider before making a purchase. One potential downside is the difficulty of cleaning and maintaining them. Due to their intricate design and multiple components, water bladders can be more challenging to clean compared to traditional water bottles or canteens. Mold and bacteria growth can occur if proper cleaning and drying procedures are not followed diligently.

Another drawback is the risk of puncturing or tearing the bladder. Since water bladders are made of flexible materials, they are more susceptible to damage from sharp objects or rough handling. While some bladders are made with more durable materials or come with protective sleeves, the risk of accidental damage is still present.

Additionally, water bladders may not be suitable for all activities or environments. If you frequently engage in activities that require a hands-on approach or use both hands, such as rock climbing or canoeing, a water bladder may hinder your mobility and hinder your ability to stay properly hydrated. Furthermore, extreme temperatures can affect the bladder’s ability to keep the water at a desired temperature, potentially leading to discomfort.

Stainless Steel Bottles


Stainless steel bottles have gained popularity in recent years due to their numerous advantages. One of the significant benefits is their durability. These bottles are designed to withstand harsh conditions and can withstand drops, bumps, and other impacts without shattering or breaking. This durability makes stainless steel bottles a great option for outdoor activities where ruggedness is essential.

Another advantage of stainless steel bottles is their ability to maintain the temperature of the liquid inside. The insulation properties of stainless steel help keep your beverages cold or hot for an extended period, allowing you to enjoy your preferred temperature throughout the day. This feature is particularly beneficial during hot summer months when you need a refreshing drink to stay cool or during winter adventures when you crave a warm beverage to keep you cozy.

Additionally, stainless steel bottles are generally safe and eco-friendly options. Unlike plastic bottles, they do not contain harmful chemicals like BPA that can seep into your drink. These bottles are also reusable, reducing the amount of plastic waste generated from single-use water bottles and ultimately contributing to a healthier environment.


Although stainless steel bottles offer many advantages, they also have a few drawbacks worth considering. One potential downside is their weight. Stainless steel bottles are typically heavier than their plastic counterparts, which can be a significant factor if you prioritize lightweight gear for your outdoor activities. The extra weight can be noticeable, especially on long hikes or when carrying multiple bottles.

Another disadvantage is the lack of transparency. Unlike plastic bottles, stainless steel bottles do not allow you to see how much liquid is left inside without opening the bottle. This may not be a significant issue for many users, but if you like to monitor your water intake regularly or prefer to have a clear view of the water level, this feature can be missed.

Additionally, stainless steel bottles can sometimes develop a metallic taste in the water, especially when using them for extended periods. Some users may find this taste off-putting or affect the flavor of their beverages. This can be mitigated by regularly cleaning the bottle and using flavor-neutralizing tablets or filters as needed.

The Best Water Bottles for Survival: A Guide by Survival Lilly

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Canteen Sets


Canteen sets, also known as mess kits or camp sets, offer a comprehensive solution for outdoor hydration and meal preparation needs. One of the main advantages of canteen sets is their versatility. These sets typically include various components such as a canteen cup, stove, and utensils, providing you with everything you need for cooking, eating, and drinking in the great outdoors.

Another benefit of canteen sets is their compactness. Designed to be lightweight and portable, these sets are perfect for backpackers and minimalistic adventurers. The individual components often nest together, saving valuable space in your backpack and making it more manageable to carry all your essential camping gear.

Additionally, canteen sets are designed for rugged use. They are typically made from durable materials like aluminum or stainless steel, ensuring they can withstand the demands of outdoor activities. This durability makes them a reliable option for camping trips or survival situations where you need gear that won’t fail you.


While canteen sets offer many advantages, there are a few potential downsides to consider. One of the main cons is their limited capacity. Unlike water bladders or larger water bottles, canteen sets usually have a smaller water storage capacity. This can be a disadvantage when engaging in activities that require frequent hydration or when access to water sources is limited.

Another drawback is their weight. Canteen sets can be heavier compared to individual water bottles or stainless steel bottles. This is due to the inclusion of additional components such as the stove and utensils. If weight is a crucial factor for your outdoor adventures, you may find canteen sets to be bulkier and more cumbersome to carry.

Additionally, canteen sets may not be suitable for everyone’s cooking needs. While they often include a cup that can be used for boiling water or cooking simple meals, the size and design may not be sufficient for more elaborate cooking. If you require larger cooking capacity or specialized cooking equipment, you may need to consider alternative options.

The Best Stainless Steel Bottle: Nelson Stainless Steel

Thickness and Durability

When it comes to stainless steel bottles, the Nelson Stainless Steel bottle stands out as one of the best options available. One of its defining features is its exceptional thickness and durability. Constructed with high-quality stainless steel, the Nelson bottle is built to withstand rough handling and harsh outdoor conditions. It is designed to resist dents and punctures, ensuring that it remains intact and functional even during rigorous activities.

The Nelson Stainless Steel bottle’s thickness also contributes to its superior insulation properties. With double-wall construction, it effectively keeps your beverages cold or hot for extended periods. This makes it an excellent choice for outdoor adventures where temperature control is important, such as hiking, camping, or picnicking.

Heavy and Unstable in Fire

Despite its numerous advantages, the Nelson Stainless Steel bottle does have a few potential drawbacks. One notable downside is its weight. Due to its durable construction and extra insulation, the Nelson bottle is heavier compared to other stainless steel bottles or plastic alternatives. While this may not be a significant concern for those who prioritize durability, it can be a factor for individuals who prefer lightweight gear for their outdoor activities.

Additionally, the Nelson Stainless Steel bottle is unstable in fire situations. While stainless steel is generally fire-resistant, the double-wall construction of the Nelson bottle can lead to issues when exposed to an open flame. The trapped air between the walls can expand, potentially causing the bottle to warp or even burst under high heat. It is important to exercise caution and avoid exposing the bottle directly to fire or intense heat sources.


The Best Canteen Set: GI Military Style Canteen Set


For those looking for a top-quality canteen set, the GI Military Style Canteen Set is an excellent choice. One of its standout features is its stability. The canteen cup and stove are designed to fit securely onto the canteen, ensuring a stable and reliable cooking and drinking experience. This stability is particularly crucial when using the set for boiling water or cooking meals over an open flame, as it minimizes the risk of accidents or spills.

Ability to Boil Water in the Cup

Another advantage of the GI Military Style Canteen Set is its ability to boil water directly in the canteen cup. The cup is constructed from stainless steel, allowing it to withstand high temperatures and heat your water efficiently. This feature is incredibly useful for outdoor enthusiasts who need access to hot water for cooking dehydrated meals, making hot beverages, or sterilizing water for drinking.

Heavy and Small Mouth

Despite its many positive attributes, the GI Military Style Canteen Set does have a couple of potential downsides. One notable drawback is its weight. The set, consisting of the canteen, cup, stove, and other accessories, can be significantly heavier compared to individual water bottles or minimalist options. If reducing pack weight is a priority for your outdoor adventures, you may find the GI Military Style Canteen Set to be bulky and cumbersome.

Another drawback is the small mouth of the canteen cup. While the smaller opening is intentional and serves to concentrate heat when cooking, it can also make pouring or drinking from the cup more challenging. This may be a minor inconvenience for some users, but if ease of use is essential to you, it is worth considering this aspect before making a purchase.

Nail Chain Bottle

Heavier Than Military-Style Canteen

The Nail Chain Bottle is a stainless steel bottle option that offers superior durability and ruggedness. However, one significant drawback compared to other options, such as a military-style canteen, is its weight. Due to its sturdy construction, the Nail Chain Bottle is heavier, which may make it less suitable for those who prioritize lightweight gear for their outdoor activities.


Plastic Canteen

Fits Inside U.S. Military Issue Canteen

A plastic canteen is a popular option for outdoor enthusiasts due to its affordability and functional design. One advantage of a plastic canteen, such as the U.S. Military Issue canteen, is its ability to accommodate a wide range of accessories. These canteens are designed to fit inside compatible pouches and holders, ensuring that you can easily carry them on your backpack or waist belt.

Good Option for Camping

Another benefit of plastic canteens is their suitability for camping trips. They are lightweight and compact, making them easy to transport and store. Additionally, plastic canteens do not add significant weight to your gear, allowing you to prioritize other necessities without sacrificing hydration.

Sturdier Than Green Canteen

Compared to the traditional green canteen often associated with military use, plastic canteens tend to be sturdier. The plastic used in their construction is more resistant to cracks and leaks, ensuring that they remain functional and reliable even in demanding outdoor conditions. This durability makes plastic canteens a great option for those who engage in rugged outdoor activities.

Weighs 156 Grams

It is worth noting that plastic canteens, including the U.S. Military Issue canteen, may be slightly heavier compared to ultra-lightweight water bottles made from other materials. The U.S. Military Issue canteen, for example, weighs approximately 156 grams. While this weight is generally manageable, if you are concerned about pack weight, there are lighter alternatives available.

Titanium Canteen

Weighs 138 Grams

For those looking for a lightweight canteen option without compromising durability, a titanium canteen is an excellent choice. The exceptional strength-to-weight ratio of titanium makes it an ideal material for outdoor gear, including canteens. The weight of a titanium canteen, such as the Vargo Titanium Water Bottle, typically falls around 138 grams, making it significantly lighter compared to various stainless steel canteens or plastic alternatives.

Butterfly Handles and Lid for Cooking

One of the unique features of the Vargo Titanium Water Bottle is its butterfly handles and lid, designed specifically for cooking purposes. These handles fold out to create a stable support system, allowing you to place the bottle directly on a stove or fire for heating or cooking food. This versatility makes the Vargo Titanium Water Bottle a valuable addition to the gear of outdoor enthusiasts who prioritize lightweight cooking options.

Cooking Inside and Pouring Hot Water

Due to its excellent heat conductivity properties, a titanium canteen like the Vargo Titanium Water Bottle is suitable for both cooking food and heating water. The bottle’s thin walls enable faster heating or cooling, making it more efficient than other materials. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking to save time and fuel during their outdoor adventures.

Becoming Cheaper

While titanium canteens have historically been relatively expensive, they have become more affordable in recent years. With advancements in manufacturing and increased availability, the prices of titanium canteens have significantly decreased. This makes them a more accessible option for outdoor enthusiasts seeking lightweight and durable gear.


Water Bottle with Filter Attachment

Convenient for Emergencies

A water bottle with a filter attachment can be a lifesaver in emergency situations or when access to clean water sources is limited. These bottles typically feature built-in filters that remove harmful chemicals, bacteria, and particles from water, ensuring that you can stay hydrated even when faced with questionable water sources. This convenience is particularly beneficial during hiking or camping trips in remote areas where relying on natural water sources is necessary.

Removes Chemicals and Particles

The filtration system in water bottles with filter attachments is designed to eliminate a wide range of contaminants, including chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, and sediment. This ensures that the water you consume is safe and clean, improving your overall outdoor experience. With the added peace of mind from drinking filtered water, you can devote more energy to enjoying your adventures rather than worrying about water quality.

Clogs in Murky Waters

While water bottles with filter attachments are effective at removing most common contaminants, they can struggle with extremely turbid or murky water sources. The filters in these bottles have a limited capacity to handle high sediment levels, and prolonged exposure to such water can clog the filter or reduce its effectiveness. If you anticipate encountering heavily polluted or murky water sources, it may be advisable to consider alternative water purification methods or carry backup filters.

Limited Capacity

Another potential drawback of water bottles with filter attachments is their limited capacity. The inclusion of the filtration system within the bottle reduces the available space for water storage. Most filter attachments have a capacity of around 500 milliliters to 1 liter, making them less suitable for extended periods without access to additional water sources. If you anticipate needing larger volumes of water or extended hydration periods, a larger capacity water bladder or canteen may be more suitable.


Consider Durability, Weight, and Use Cases

When selecting a water bottle or canteen, it is essential to consider factors such as durability, weight, and your specific use cases. If durability is a priority, stainless steel bottles and canteen sets are excellent options, with the Nelson Stainless Steel bottle and GI Military Style Canteen Set being standout choices. However, keep in mind that stainless steel bottles can be heavier compared to other options, while canteen sets provide versatility but may be bulkier.

Choose Budget-Friendly Options

For budget-conscious individuals, plastic canteens, such as the U.S. Military Issue canteen, can provide a reliable and affordable hydration solution. Titanium canteens, such as the Vargo Titanium Water Bottle, offer a lightweight alternative with excellent heat conductivity properties, although they were previously more expensive.

Avoid Bottles with Unnecessary Features

When making your selection, it is important to avoid bottles or canteens with unnecessary features that may add weight or complexity without providing significant benefits. Assess your specific needs and preferences to choose a bottle or canteen that best suits your intended use and adapts to your outdoor lifestyle.

By carefully considering these factors and weighing the pros and cons of different options, you can select the best water bladder, stainless steel bottle, canteen set, or other alternatives that align with your outdoor activities and personal preferences. Remember, the ultimate goal is to stay properly hydrated on your adventures while enjoying the great outdoors confidently.

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