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Alex Choong

I'm Alex, the author behind True Survivalist. As a survival enthusiast myself, I've created this website to serve as a valuable resource for fellow survivalists and preppers. Whether it's understanding survival situations, emergency preparedness, or finding the right survival gear, I've got you covered. Through a series of informative guides, I aim to provide answers to commonly asked questions, debunk common myths, and help you avoid common mistakes. At True Survivalist, I believe in equipping you with the knowledge and tools you need to be prepared for any survival scenario. Join me on this journey of self-reliance and resilience.

natural disaster preparedness 3

Natural Disaster Preparedness

Get prepared for natural disasters. Learn how to create an emergency plan, secure your home, and prepare for evacuation. Stay safe and resilient.

DIY Security Systems For Homesteads

DIY Security Systems For Homesteads

Enhance security for your homestead with DIY security systems. Discover innovative and affordable solutions to protect your property and loved ones. Take your homestead’s security to the next level.

Solar Cooking For Preppers

Solar Cooking For Preppers

Discover the benefits of solar cooking for preppers. Harness the power of the sun for off-grid cooking and achieve energy independence. Learn how to cook sustainably and be prepared for any scenario.

DIY survival tools

DIY Survival Tools

Learn how to make DIY survival tools at home. From weapons to survival kits, this guide will equip you with the skills to navigate the wild and stay safe. Discover the benefits of DIY tools and the essential ones for every kit. Get prepared for any outdoor adventure or emergency situation.

Survival Tips Without Electricity

Survival Tips Without Electricity

Discover survival tips for navigating without electricity and become self-reliant in challenging situations. From purifying water to alternative cooking methods, gain valuable insights for sustainable survival tactics.

EMP Proof Items

15 EMP Proof Items to Stock Up On

Get prepared for an EMP attack with these 15 essential items. Stock up on water filters, cash, precious metals, medications, and more. Stay safe and be ready!

Light Weight Urban Get Home Bag Essentials 2

Light Weight Urban Get Home Bag Essentials

Discover the essential gear for urban survival and bug out emergencies in this video on Light Weight Urban Get Home Bag Essentials. From self-defense tools to survival kits, find all you need for urban survival. Follow the creator on social media for more content and check out their Amazon Store Front for gear. Stay prepared with these lightweight essentials!